17 LESSONS of Leadership and Performance for 2017

1. Explore New Frontiers - Challenge yourself to Learn, Grow and Develop in areas you have not previously explored.


2. Practice Self Leadership First! - “Leader of One, Leader of Many if you can’t Lead Self you can’t Lead Any” – attributed to John Wooden.


3. Mastery - Strive for mastery in your chosen craft. Mastery is bestowed upon those who diligently dedicate many hours of purposeful, deliberate practice to their craft in order for deep learning and understanding to occur.

4. Leading Others - Excellence always begins and ends with good leadership. Continue to learn and grow as a leader (and follower).

5. Health – “Health is your first Wealth” - Hippocrates. Eat good foods, exercise regularly and always schedule time for rest, relaxation and recovery.

6. Patience - Be Patient with Process. Remember Patience is a Virtue not a Verb. World class behaviours, acts and performances must be nurtured to allow them to become part of YOU.

7. Focus - What we focus on expands. YOU can focus on all that you have or obsess on what you lack. Practice the former and never the latter. Those who are the best are able to achieve the most with the least.

8. Mindset - Develop a Winning Mindset. Almost always the road to victory will go through places called “failure”. Champions develop their mental muscles by failing forward….. always learning, always growing, always getting better.

9. Environment - Create an environment for world class performance and leadership to occur. Rid yourself from toxic people and toxic places.