The Element of SURPRISE

Whether as a coach or athlete when involved in competitive sport the element of surprise can often be a key factor in gaining a competitive advantage. Surprise looks to strike your opponent at a time or place, or manner for which they are unprepared. It is not essential that we take our opponents totally unaware, but only that they become aware too late to react effectively.

- Surprise is the paralysis, if only partial and temporary, of the opponents ability to resist.

- Surprise is based on speed, secrecy, and deception. it means doing the unexpected thing, which in turn normally means doing the difficult thing in hopes that your opponent will not expect it.

Finally, we must also recognise that while surprise is always desirable, the ability to achieve it does not depend solely on our efforts. It depends at least as much on our enemy's susceptibility to surprise - their expectations and preparedness.

Built surprise into your planning to gain the competitive edge.